Gigabyte GC-MSMP mSATA and miniPCIe

What is Gigabyte GC-MSMP ?

GC-MSMT Expansion Board? On the Gigabyte’s GA-Q87N specifications page, they tell us that mSATA modules can be used in the Mini-PCIe slot with the help of an GC-MSMP expansion board, but no links are provided to this product, neither Google has any info on this expansion board. Asked Gigabyte and waiting for a response, so…

kingston 32gb locker

Recomandare stick USB 32GB si 16GB

Recomandare stick USB 32GB  Kingston Data Traveler Locker+ G3, 32 GB, USB 3.0 – 119 lei Argumente viteza mare pe USB 3.0: 135 MB/s citire, 40 MB/s scriere carcasa aluminiu cu ureche prindere snur led activitate Recomandare stick USB 16GB Corsair Survivor Stealth 16GB, USB 3.0 – 120 lei Argumente viteza rezonabila pe USB3.0: 70 MB/s citire,…


No sound from Internal Speaker Lenovo M57

Problem: No sound from the built-in speaker on Lenovo M57 desktop in Windows 7 This also applies to other brand desktop pcs (Dell, Lenovo, etc) The sound icon in the taskbar shows a red X on the speaker icon. When double clicking the sound icon, it says detecting problem and then it shows a window:…


Apple Power Mac G5 pump pinout

Apple Power Mac G5 water cooling pump pinout Power Mac G5 pump pinout The black wiring to the pump has a six pin connector with 2 blanks. Look at the connector to the pump: [1_2_34] 1, blank, 2, blank, 3 , 4. The pinout is as follows: 1 = ground 2 = V mot (variable), PWM? 3 =…


Magento Resources and Docs

Recommended Magento Resources and Reading List Developers MageBase King Letas Fabrizio Branca Alan Storm Magento Quickies Ashley Schroder Colin Mollenhour Marius Strajeru Oleg Ishenko – Solving Magento Fabian Blechschmidt Jared Blalock Magento related Companies / Individual Groups Inchoo CodeGento ECOMDEV Atwix OverlyCaffeinated  Magento Resources Magento Technical Resources MagentoU Training Video Samples StackExchange Magento Reddit Magento…


W163 trailer tow hitch

Identify your trailer swan neck The tow hitch ball neck swan is manufactured by Oris, under the part number Oris 0107 2570/02, and carries the Mercedes-Benz part number A 163 315 03 99. Trailer tow hook mechanism problem Because few people know how to properly handle the mounting/unmounting and locking, it was forced and the fixing mechanism…