How to install certificate in Adobe Acrobat Reader on MacOS Monterey/Sonoma

Open Acrobat Reader Go to top menu Acrobat Reader > Preferences Copy/paste the following path into the Library Path field: /usr/local/lib/libeTPkcs11.dylib After pressing OK, select SafeNet eToken PKCS#11 under PKCS#11 Modules and Tokens Press Login button on the right panel and enter your token PIN Select the token from the left panel, then the certificate in the right panel, then…

err_bad_ssl_client_auth_cert on MacOS Chrome

certSign MacOS Chrome Eroare Bad SSL Client Auth Cert

Posibil sa va loviti de eroarea ERR_BAD_SSL_CLIENT_AUTH_CERT cand veti folosi certificatul de semnatura electronica calificata cu token de la certSign, pe MacOS Monterey/Sonoma folosind Google Chrome. Pentru obtinerea documentului de confirmare, necesar la inrolarea in ANAF SPV, la accesarea sitului , Chrome va afisa ERR_BAD_SSL_CLIENT_AUTH_CERT. Solutia gasita este folosirea browserului Mozilla Firefox si este…

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Magento 2 missing setup folder

While working in a local dev environment using Docker, I’ve had Magento 2 missing setup folder from time to time, on environments using Warden or SwiftOtter/Den. Also found reports that it happens using ddev. The most common situation is when switching between branches having different magento2 versions, therefore having different magento2-base module versions. This is…


Magento 1.9.x SMTP Pro Office365 SSL TLS version problem

If you recently stopped receiving emails from your Magento 1.x shop and you are using an Office 365 SMTP account configured in Aschroder SMTP Pro extension, then you might find this in your logs: ==> var/log/system.log <== Warning: stream_socket_enable_crypto(): SSL: Success in /home/cbeauty/public_html/lib/Zend/Mail/Protocol/Smtp.php on line 206 ==> var/log/exception.log <==ERR (3): Zend_Mail_Protocol_Exception: Unable to connect via…


How to limit RC car top speed

I needed a way to limit the top speed of the Haiboxing HBX 12891 RC car, for control training purposes. Since I haven’t found any solution, I wrote this guide to help others looking. The easiest solution I’ve found is to electronically limit the potentiometer range for the trottle. The potentiometer resistance is 5kOhms. Use…