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Latest Research / Blog

Gigabyte GC-MSMP

What is Gigabyte GC-MSMP ?

GC-MSMT Expansion Board? On the Gigabyte’s GA-Q87N specifications page, they tell us that mSATA modules can be used in the Mini-PCIe slot with the help of an GC-MSMP expansion board, but no links are provided to this product, neither Google has any info on this expansion board. Asked Gigabyte and waiting for a response, so…



Recomandare stick USB 32GB si 16GB

Recomandare stick USB 32GB  Kingston Data Traveler Locker+ G3, 32 GB, USB 3.0 - 119 lei Argumente viteza mare pe USB 3.0: 135 MB/s citire, 40 MB/s scriere carcasa aluminiu cu ureche prindere snur led activitate Recomandare stick USB 16GB Corsair Survivor Stealth 16GB, USB 3.0 - 120 lei Argumente viteza rezonabila pe USB3.0: 70 MB/s citire,…



Boxed Cooler Dimensions – Intel Ivy/Haswell Heatsink Fan

Boxed cooler dimensions for Haswell and Ivy Bridge (3rd generation Core, LGA1155 and LGA1150) Space around requirements (height, width, clearance) Height required for cooling efficiency: 81.3 mm [3.20"] Top view: 104 mm x 104 mm [4.09" x 4.09"], incl. clips Top view: 95 mm x 95 mm [3.74" x 3.74"], without clips Top view radius: 55.2 mm…



No sound from Internal Speaker Lenovo M57

Problem: No sound from the built-in speaker on Lenovo M57 desktop in Windows 7 This also applies to other brand desktop pcs (Dell, Lenovo, etc) The sound icon in the taskbar shows a red X on the speaker icon. When double clicking the sound icon, it says detecting problem and then it shows a window:…