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Magento Calendar customizations

Copy this file: \lib\Varien\Data\Form\Element\Date.php to the local code pool: app/code/local/Varien\Data\Form\Element\Date.php Now you can customize the calendar setup. To add an option for disabling past dates, change getElementHtml() function as below: Then, in your blocks, when adding a date field, you can specify in the addField options array: If you want to change the align of…


Redirect to previous page after login in Magento

Magento Redirect to previous page after login Default behaviour in Magento is to redirect to homepage after the user logs in. There is also a configuration item in Customer Configuration that states: ‘Redirect Customer to Account Dashboard after Logging in’, and can be set to Yes/No. Also there are some login redirect extensions freely available.…


Add custom attribute with validation using setup script

Custom attributes can be added through Magento Admin Panel > Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes , but you can also add attributes through the SQL setup file of your module. Example List of allowed parameters for attributes Extracted from Mage_Eav_Model_Entity_Setup::addAttribute: entity_type_id attribute_code backend_model backend_type backend_table frontend_model frontend_input frontend_input_renderer frontend_label frontend_class source_model is_global is_visible is_required…


MySQL Foreign key constraint fails

You are here because of: Cannot resolve table name close to (id) Integrity constraint violation: 1452 Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails What to check when you have MySQL foreign key related errors Table should be of same engine (InnoDB) Table fields should be of same type Pay attention…


Samsung SCX-3405W WPA2 AES issues

Samsung SCX-3405W WPA2 AES Wireless connection problems Problem with Samsung SCX-3405W WPA2 AES wireless security setting, failing to connect to a WPA2 wireless router. Test setup Samsung SCX-3405W Main Firmware Version V3.00.01.13 MAY-18-2012 Network Firmware Version V6.01.00(SCX-3400 Series) IP Core Software Version 22.01.NW Stack Version Engine Firmware Version V1.00.06 11-14-2011 SPL Firmware Version SPL 5.58 03-14-2012 Apple…