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Acrobat Reader DC cannot open PDF files from Explorer

Issue PDF files won’t open with Acrobat Reader DC, clicking a PDF file will not open the file in Acrobat Reader, but checking Task Manager will show two Acrobat Reader processes. Launching Acrobat Reader and opening the same via the File Open menu will work as expected, no problem. (Test environment: Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit, Adobe Acrobat Reader…


Cum nu vinde Microsoft

Draga Microsoft Romania, sunteti dezastru la capitolul suport comercial. In primul rand pentru ca nu aveti linie de suport comercial in limba romana. Cum este posibil sa: – Sa nu aveti un numar de telefon pe pagina de contact pentru suport comercial? Nici Microsoft Romania, nici Microsoft Store Romania ?!!?!? – Sa nu aveti o…


Windows 7 user account password not working

SOLVED: Out of a sudden, windows 7 user account password not working Most possible reasons for user account on windows 7 password not working: Check CapsLock, Check NumLock If it’s a laptop, without separate numpad, check that Numlock is off, Check Keyboard Layout (in the top left corner, you can see a keyboard icon – click…


Magento Add JS to Sales Order Create

Add Custom Javascript to Sales Order Create This is a simple example of how you can add a JS file to the Sales Order Create page. Ofcourse, you can take it further and add css and other custom content. For this, to follow best practices, you’ll have to create your own module if you don’t have…


Magento custom block Ajax in admin sales order create

Magento custom block Ajax in adminhtml Adding a custom ajax loading block to Magento admin sales order create process As to not overload the create order process with a lot of AJAX, you can use the already mighty powers Magento comes with. There is a function defined in sales.js, that allows reloading many blocks at…


Magento Calendar customizations

Copy this file: \lib\Varien\Data\Form\Element\Date.php to the local code pool: app/code/local/Varien\Data\Form\Element\Date.php Now you can customize the calendar setup. To add an option for disabling past dates, change getElementHtml() function as below: Then, in your blocks, when adding a date field, you can specify in the addField options array: If you want to change the align of…


Redirect to previous page after login in Magento

Magento Redirect to previous page after login Default behaviour in Magento is to redirect to homepage after the user logs in. There is also a configuration item in Customer Configuration that states: ‘Redirect Customer to Account Dashboard after Logging in’, and can be set to Yes/No. Also there are some login redirect extensions freely available.…